Sending and receiving SMS from PC via mobile phone

Sending and receiving SMS from PC via mobile phone

Program texting is designated to send and receive text messages (SMS messages) using your computer and through mobile application aText.

Program texting can be run on personal computers equipped with working and up to date Java runtime environment. The mobile application aText must be running on the mobile phone (under Android), which is connected to the same WLAN (WiFi) as the computer that runs program texting.

Text messages are actually sent and received by aText mobile application running on user's mobile phone and therefore all related fees are charged by a telecommunications operator, which provides services to the user.

Privacy. Sent and received text messages are transmitted only between program texting and mobile application aText, thus only between user's PC and phone within the same local WiFi network. Text messages sent and received by the user's phone are processed by a user's telco operator in the same way as text messages sent and received directly from your mobile. Neither program texting nor mobile application aText send any user data outside of the local Wi-Fi network (with exception of the data collected by advertising services, when using mobile application aText in the free trial, advertising-enabled mode).

Users can send, receive, and maintain theirs SMSes (text messages) directly from the desktop, and without using SMS gateways, just via own mobile phone connected to the same WiFi network.



texting 1.0.0

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